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                 LOCALITY'S BIRTH



        The salt deposits on the seashores and the salt massifs that were penetrating the earth’s crust to the surface have captured men’s attention from the dawn of time.


        The beginning of salt extraction at Ocna Sibiului is shrouded in uncertainty but what is certain is the fact that the Scythians and the Greeks were doing trade with the salt extracted by the Thracians and the Dacians. The primitive dacians’ pits were taken over by the Romans and modernised, to the extent that the technology permitted then, thus intensifying the production.


        The origin of Ocna Sibiului locality is lost in the mist of time. The salt deposits and the natural surroundings have determined the apparition of human settlements from prehistoric times. Witness stand the stone axes found in the area, dated as far as the Middle Paleolithic (100.000 – 40.000 B.C.).